What if my server is not listed on the Metatrader 4 platform?

Open your MT4 Platform

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If your server is not on the list that your broker provided for you, Close the Login window.

Step 1) At the top of the MT4 select File - Open and Account

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Step 2) Open an Account window will open

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Step 3) Click on the Green + to add your broker server

Step 4) Type in the name of your Broker to pull the full list or you can type the name of the server but it must be typed exactly as it is listed or the platform may not find it
IE: Forex.com
     Forex.com-Live 130

Step 5) After you type in the server name click Scan

The platform will then scan for the servers on the list.
The grayed out Icons on the left will change color (blue) once they have been found.

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If the server you entered is no longer grayed out, you can close the window.

Step 6) Select File - Login to Trade Account

Your server should now be on the drop-down list so you can log in to your account.

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