Advanced Candlestick Formations

Advanced Candlestick Formation expands the functionality of the Candlestick tool available on SmartTrader.

It adds new formations that will be automatically identified and highlighted for your convenience.

They include:


    • Hanging Man (Bearish Signal)
    • Hammer (Bullish Signal)
    • 3 Charging Bears (3 Black Crows - Bearish Signal)
    • 3 Charging Bulls (3 White Soldiers - Bullish Signal)
    • Triple Top (3 Mountains - Bearish Signal)
    • Triple Bottom (3 Rivers - Bullish Signal)
    • Bearish Spinning Top
    • Bullish Spinning Top
    • Bearish Tri-Star
    • Bullish Tri-Star

This indicator available for purchase on SmartTrader Marketplace


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