American Breakout Strategy

The American Breakout Strategy course is designed to take advantage of the opening of the US Market session between 8-10am ET. Several fully automated strategies are designed to take advantage of the market conditions without being at the computer to trade. Traders can expect to capture between 20-100 pips potentially, per currency pair, per day on all USD currency pairs.  The American Breakout Strategy is designed specifically with the U.S. market open in mind. At most market openings, there is a specific breakout in one direction or the other and MTI has found consistency trading the US Market Open and swings it makes during the day. The U.S. Open of the market is a prime time for traders to get into the market and look for quick trades without changing their schedule.

The American breakout system is comprised of three strategies that incorporate the 8 am or 9 am New York forex breakout time. Strategy 1 is designed to run on a 1-hour timeframe using any of the 7 USD crosses listed below. Strategy 2 and 3 will be designed to run on a 30 min time frame using any of the 7 USD crosses listed below.

  1. USD/CAD
  2. USD/CHF
  3. USD/JPY
  4. EUR/USD
  5. GBP/USD
  6. NZD/USD
  7. AUD/USD


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