SmartTrader: How do I use Auto Trading Fibonaccis? (Power Fibonacci Tool)

  • To add a SmartFib to your chart:
    • Click on the “SmartTools” button displayed as ABCD.
    • Click on the candle that will be the start of your Fibonacci.
    • Note:  If nothing happens, it is not a valid starting point.  Please refer to your UTP Fibonacci lessons.
  • To add AutoFib trading levels:
    • Right click on your Active Fib A or B (dot) to view the menu.
    • Select “Settings”.
    • In the Smart Fib Properties box, select the Trading tab.
    • On the Trading tab, select your levels you want to auto trade.
    • Select your account, if not default.
    • Setting changes are not necessary, but can be made here also.
    • Click Save.


How do I recognize an Active Fibonacci?

  • An active Fibonacci has colored zones to identify it.
  • When fib is no longer active the colored zones will disappear.
  • This happens when the A line is crossed; or when the D extension is formed, the CD will become the new AB creating a new fib.

What if I don’t have the Auto Trading option?

  • Auto Trading will not be an option if:
    • The broker isn’t connected
    • The fib isn’t active.
  • SmartTrader Trading Properties will be greyed out.

This tool is available for purchase on SmartTrader Marketplace


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