Why Should I Choose MTI as My VPS provider?

Perks of owning MTI VPS:

1)    Initial set-up includes 2 months for the price of one.

2)   No Fees! If you own the MTI VPS, all set-ups and troubleshooting will be included free. 

      Here are the current third-party VPS fees:

      •  The VPS set up fee is $149.00.

      •  The auto trading set-up fee is $49.00 per Auto Trading System.

3)   Changing is easy! MTI will migrate your third-party VPS or set up your new MTI VPS.

4)   While we strive to provide all members of the MTI family the best support, we are unable to support third party software/VPS hosting at this time.


*fees subject to change*

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