EA Batch File Installation

Batch File Installation Instructions for Course Assets, including EAs, Templates, and Indicators

  1. Visit your course in the Online University at learn.markettraders.com.

  2. To expand the left menu panel, click "Resources".

  3. Click "Files" under the Resources heading.

  4.  In the list of downloadable files, locate your strategy Batch File and click "Download" to the right.

  5.  Open your Downloads folder and double click on the strategy .zip folder.

  6.  Press the "CTRL"+"A" keys simultaneously to highlight all of the files. To copy the files, press the "CTRL"+"C" keys or right-click and select "Copy" from the menu.

  7.  Open your broker MT4 platform and click "File" from the top menu. Then click "Open Data Folder" from the menu list.

  8.  When the window opens, paste all of the copied files by pressing the "CTRL"+"V" keys or right-click and select "Paste" from the menu.

  9. Double click on the "Windows Batch File" for your strategy.

  10. Close the black Windows Command Prompt window.

  11. Right-click and select "Delete" from the menu to remove the batch file.

  12. All the files have been moved to the appropriate folders. Close the Data Folder Window.

  13.  In the Navigator window, right-click on Expert Advisors and click "Refresh".

  14. You can now begin using the Expert Advisor, Indicators, and Presets.

    Your course contains detailed instructions and walk-through videos for the setup process. If you are struggling with the process and need assistance, we have a dedicated team that will be happy to help. Please use this link to pay for your 1-on-1 appointment with a Support Specialist.


As updates are released, they can be downloaded and installed using this same method outlined above.

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