EA Troubleshooting Tips

FIFO Errors

Please ensure you are not placing manual trades or running another automated system (even on another platform) on the same currency pairs on the same account.

My EA won’t stay on my chart:

  1. Please check your chart timeframe.  A timeframe mismatch will cause this.
  2. Make sure that your EA is activated on the EA activation portal, please ensure you have entered the same account number in both the activation site and your MT4 platform login. 
  3. Verify you have all the files installed from your course in the Online University.

My EA isn’t placing trades.  Please check:

  • Create firewall exceptions.
  • Not all EA’s place trades.  Please review your course material to ensure that the EA you are using is an autotrading EA.
  • The "Journal" tab.
    • What time and date was the last trade was triggered
    • What time and date the EA was added
    • What time and date was the MT4 platform last logged into
  • The EA was applied to the correct symbol type. For example, if the broker only allows suffix trades then be sure that the EA was applied to a suffix currency pair.
  • Check the Tools>Options settings to ensure that “Allow DLL Imports” and “Allow Live Trading” are both checked.
  • The Auto Trading button in the top toolbar is green, not red.
  • The EA has a smiley face, not a frowny face.
  • Platform open and logged in:
    • Verify the bottom right corner shows connection status  
    • The correct account is logged into the MT4 platform
  • That the EA status does not show that it is stopped
  • VPS does has enough available resources to keep up with all of the trades. See help article for Task Manager.
  • US accounts:  No manual trading with the same account causing FIFO and hedging errors
  • The account is funded and does not have a $0 balance

My EA isn’t profitable.  Please check:

  • Ensure you are not running multiple timeframes or strategies with the same account.
  • EA settings are incorrect.  Please review your course for configuration information and remember these settings vary by system. These settings include, but not limited to:
    • start time
    • stop time
    • extra hours
    • loss percent on balance
  • EA added to incorrect:
    • timeframes
    • pairs
  • Your journal can provide information on:
    • If your EA has been added and removed multiple times. 
    • Losing internet connection. (Will show multiple logins)
    • Closing your platform. (Will show multiple logins)
  • Manual trading with the same account.
  • Not using the current EA version.
  • Low equity causing missed trades or margin calls.
  • Create firewall exceptions.
  • VPS/PC doesn't have enough system resources for the MT4 platform to keep up with the trades.
  • VPS/PC needs to have affinity set for the MT4 platform.

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