General SmartTrader Troubleshooting

In this article, you can find a list of actions that you can perform to resolve common issues with the SmartTrader platform before contacting Live Support: 


If the tab with SmartTrader crashed, you can try to reload the page by pressing F5 or Ctrl+F5 combination of keys. This will reload a page and restore your charts. 

If your SmartTrader is slow and unresponsive, you can try deleting your session by going to the "Global Settings" menu and pressing the "Delete Session" link.

If your charts appear corrupted, or you are missing some forms or fields, you can try clearing your browser cache. You can find articles on how to clear cache for different browsers in this knowledgebase.


Please keep in mind when running SmartScripts that your browser tab can't be closed, your computer can't turn off, restart, go to sleep, or lose internet connection.

If your SmartScripts are not triggering correctly, it could a difference in computer language.  Please verify your computer is set to read US English coding here:

If you experience slowdowns and freezes when running Smart Scripts you can try to turn Visualization off or reduce the number of scripts that run simultaneously. 


If you can't turn on your connected broker account, please, disconnect the broker account and connect it again. Brokers tend to change addresses of their servers and this may lead to an inability to turn broker account on. (Especially for servers)

If you receiving an "Account already connected" error when trying to connect your broker, please, check your other SmartTrader accounts because one broker account can be connected to only one SmartTrader account.



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