Global Settings

Global Settings menu helps you to set different parameters of your charts and change them simultaneously across the whole SmartTrader platform. 

It can be found in the bottom left corner:


It consists of 4 tabs:

1. General

This tab allows you to set the font size, that is used by default on SmartTrader. 

Also, the "Delete Session" button is here as well


2. Charts

This tab allows you to create a color scheme for your charts, pick different colors for up and down candles, default text size that is displayed on charts and font.

You can customize SmartTrader as you like and choose different colors if you have selective colorblindness. 

3. Trading

In this tab, you can change the visual style of the market orders that you are placing.

You can change the color and style of you Stop Loss and Take Profit lines, position markers and order lines.


4. Scripting

In this tab, you can set your SmartScripts to run on the candle or on the market rate, set the default font used in drawings placed by a script and choose from one of 3 color themes.


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