How do I connect my broker to UCS?

Once you have this information, follow these steps to get the account linked to the Ultimate Charting Software:

  1. Obtain from your broker:
    • An MT4 account
    • Your account number
    • Password
    • Server information
  2. Open your Ultimate Charting Software.
  3. Select the "Trading" tab, and click on "Account Login".
  4. Select "Add" to add a new account or "Modify" to update an existing account:
    • Click “Add to add a new account.
    • To edit an existing account, select the account from the list and click "Modify".
  5. Fill in the required information.
    1. Nickname: Enter a name for your account. This is used for your reference to allow you to differentiate between accounts.
    2. Account #: Enter your Broker Account Number.
    3. Password: Enter the password for the Broker Account.
    4. Broker: Select your Brokerage Firm from the Drop down list. (If your broker is not listed, select see Manual Config)
    5. Server: Select the Server from the drop down list. (If your server is not listed, see Manual Config)
  6. Press "Save" and the window will close.
  7. Select the account that you just created from the list, and click "Connect". This will connect your broker account to the UCS.

Please view the charting Tutorials for a visual walkthrough of linking your broker.

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