How do I manually configure my broker in UCS?

To Manually Configure a broker not in UCS list:

Install your broker’s platform. Your broker can assist you if necessary.

For Broker: Select "Other" from the Drop down list.

Next to "Config File", click on the 3 dots to the right to browser for the Config File.

Navigate to your "C:Program Files x86". Here you will have a folder with your brokers name on it.

Open this folder.

Open the "Config" folder.

Select the Config file that is named after your Server.

Press "Open"

Save the configuration and you should be able to successfully connect to this account.

Select the account that you just created from the list, and click “Connect”. This will connect your broker to UCS.

Please view the charting Tutorials for a visual walk through of linking your broker.


Finding your server from your broker’s platform:


If you have your broker’s MT4 platform installed and are able to login, your server information is displayed at the top of the broker’s platform window.

To install your broker’s platform, please visit their website to download their platform.

We cannot recommend a broker, but here are the download links for the brokers included in UCS by default:



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