How to Add a new Chart to a Workspace

To create a new chart or add a chart to a workspace, follow these simple steps:

Step 1

In the top right menu under Charts, select the “Add Workspace / Chart” icon then new Chart

Step 2

Type the instrument or symbol you would like to use for the chart

Step 3

Select the timeframe desired

Step 4

Select the pricestyle desired
Note: Premium price styles will only show if you have purchased the appropriate content from the premium content provider. If you do not see your purchased price styles, please contact your content provider account representative. 

Step 5

If you have saved a template style that you prefer to use, it will be available here to select from:

Step 6

Add up to 5 additional charts to a single workspace
Note: For basic and premier level access you are limited with the number of charts you can open

Step 7

Select Add to complete the new chart(s) creation


Use the Chart Layout  to organize your charts in the workspace

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