How to add a Premium SmartScript (6.0)

To add a SmartScript to a chart, begin by clicking the SmartScript button:

Next click the ‘Premium’ tab:

Then select the SmartScript you’d like to run by clicking on the play button near the SmartScript’s name:

Your SmartScript might require additional configuration. If it does, configure it accordingly ad press ‘Apply and Start’

Congratulations! You have successfully deployed your SmartScript!

Recommended Browser Settings for running SmartScripts

To run your SmartScript, please keep your browser open, and computer running. You can work on different workspaces in that browser window, but do not close the workspace or chart that your SmartScript is running on. If you mistakenly change the symbol of your active chart that is running a SmartScript, you will be alerted. If you select OK to continue, your script will be stopped and removed from chart. So please read any alerts that come up on the screen carefully.

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