How to completely uninstall UCS

We have a beta version of UCS that may resolve some issues. But you have to completely remove UCS before installing it.


To completely uninstall UCS from your PC follow these steps:

  1.  Press the "Start" button and type "Control". In the search results an application "Control Panel" will appear. Click on it.

  2. In Control Panel click on "Uninstall a program"

  3. Select "Ultimate Charting" from the list and click on "Uninstall/Change"

  4. Hit "Yes" in the next windows to remove UCS from your computer

  5. When UCS is removed from your computer, press "Start" again and type  "This". You will see "This PC" in the search results. Click on it

  6. Go to the "Program Files (x86) folded and select "Ultimate Charting" folder and press "Delete" button
  7. Go to your "Documents" folder and again find and delete "Ultimate Charting" folder
    Note! You can rename this folder instead deleting it to back up your work! If something goes wrong you can rename it back to Ultimate Charting and have your workspaces back

Now your UCS is completely removed from your computer and you can perform a clean install.

A beta version of UCS with improvements can be found following this link.


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