How to Log in Into my MTI VPS from a Mac?

To connect to your VPS on Mac you need to install Remote connection software first.

To do so, open App Store and in the search bar type "remote desktop"

Locate "Microsoft Remote Desktop 10" app, click "Get" to install this app.

You may be asked to enter your AppleID password. 

After this click "Install", wait for the progress bar to fill and click "Open"


Now, when you have your software ready, you can connect to your VPS. 

Please, follow these steps:


1. In the Microsoft Remote Desktop application click on "Add PC"

2. Enter the IP address in the "PC name" form

3. In the "User Account" dropdown menu select "Add User Account"

4. In the "Add User Account" window enter username and password for your VPS and optionally, enter a name for your connection. Then click "Add"

5. Click "Add" again in the main window

6. Double-click on the window with your VPS address


7. Click "Continue" on the Certificate warning window

8. Enjoy using your MTI VPS!



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