How to Replenish SmartTrader Demo

Every registered user is provided a SmartTrader demo after completion of registration.

This account will be automatically connected and available to paper trade from

Details of Account Abilities:

  • The SmartTrader demo account is for paper trading on the Forex market.
  • This account is automatically set as the default trading account unless changed to a different account by you.
  • The SmartTrader demo account cannot be removed or disabled.
  • The SmartTrader demo account starts with a total of $100,000.00
  • The Leverage to the SmartTrader demo account is set to 200:1
  • Trade actions reflect that of a standard international Metatrader 4 account.
  • This account permits hedging.
  • This account does not abide by FIFO rules.

A SmartTrader demo account with a balance of zero can be replenished by submitting a request that includes your email address used for login and your SmartTrader demo account number to:

Once complete you may need to log out of and back into SmartTrader to view the updated balance. If this does not work please email us the email address used to log in, along with your SmartTrader demo account number to:




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