Micro Price Detector (MPD)

Micro Price Detector is a price style that you can use to display on your charts.

• MPD bricks are charts that visualize whether the price has moved a certain pre-designated distance after a 1-Minute period.

• For example, if the MPD brick is set to a size of 10 pips, only if the market has closed within the 1-Minute with 10 pips will a new brick appear.

   • A bullish move gets a color, such as green.

   • If the market has reversed a net 10 pips, an MPD brick will appear in the reverse direction with a new color red.

• Purple MPD bricks appear during the active 1-Minute interval. They are showing live market prices.

• After each minute, the MPD bricks become fixed and will not change in color. • The purple MPD bricks should not be used as a signal to trade as they are dynamic and can quickly change shape.

• The Red triangle shows the price where the previous MPD brick closed.

• The Purple triangle shows the live market price.

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You can also by this as a stand-alone tool on SmartTrader Marketplace

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