MTI VPS FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Choosing a VPS

What is the MTI VPS and why would I need one?

Which MTI VPS is Right for Me?

How do I purchase an MTI VPS?

Can you help me purchase my VPS?

After Purchasing your VPS

What is the next step after purchasing my VPS?

What is included with my VPS Migration Appointment?

VPS Migrations Checklist and appointment booking

VPS/EA Setup 

Do I have to purchase a set up appointment or can I set it up myself? 

Can I call in for setup help without an appointment?

I already have a VPS and I just bought a new course. Do I need to book an appointment? 

Connecting and Disconnecting

I have a Mac OS computer. Will it be compatible with MTI VPS?

Can I reset my MTI VPS password and username?

How do I connect to my MTI VPS from a PC?

How do I connect to my MTI VPS from a Mac?

How will I know I am connected to my VPS?

What happens when I disconnect from my VPS?

How do I disconnect from my VPS?

Why can't my remote desktop connect to my VPS?

Billing and Account Changes

What payment types are accepted?

How does my billing cycle run?

How can I update my credit card information?

I already own a VPS, but I now need a bigger size. Can I upgrade my current subscription? 

Contact us

Who do I contact for VPS help?



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