Change Non-Unicode Settings to US English

The MTI Family is rich with cultural diversity.  Unfortunately, computer programming language is not.  Small things such as a comma being mistaken for a period due to differences in languages will cause your charts to not function properly.  This is easily corrected by a simple Windows setting.

  1. First, close any open programs and SmartTrader (or uninstall UCS).
    • To uninstall UCS: 
      • Open Control Panel
      • Select “Uninstall a program” or “Programs and Features”
      • Select “Ultimate Charting Software”
      • Click the “Uninstall” button.  It is not necessary to reboot at this time.
  2. Then change the Non-Unicode Settings to the UCS friendly version:
    1. Click the back button to return to the Control Panel.
    2. Select:  Region & language
    3. Set the Format to English (US)
    4. Click Apply
  3. Click the “Administrative” Tab
    1. Current language for non-Unicode programs should be set to:  English (US)
    2. To update, click “Change System Locale” 
    3. Change the format to:  English (US)
  4. Click OK & reboot the PC.
  5. Reopen SmartTrader (or Download UCS & run the installer).

If the issue persists, a clean (UCS) install with no data recovery may be necessary.

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