SmartTrader Charting Tools: Distributed Horizontal Lines

Within the Horizontal Line drawing, you can add additional lines above and/or below the initial horizontal line. You can also customize the additional lines in terms of color, shape, quantity, etc.

To apply additional lines, click on cog icon in drawing settings to open Horizontal Line properties. The list of additional parameters includes:

  • Add Additional Lines Above/Below – click on the slider to enable/disable the feature.
  • Line – defines the color, weight and type of the additional line(s).
  • Number of lines – defines the amount of lines to distribute in the defined direction. By default, the number of lines is set to 4; the minimum number is 1 and the maximum number is 10.
  • Range (pips) – defines the distance in pips between each line from initial line. By default, the range is set to 100 pips; the minimum range is 1 pip and the maximum range is 999999 pips.

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