SmartTrader Trading Rooms

What Are the SmartTrader Trading Rooms?

SmartTrader Trading Rooms are a new service that allows you to participate in live classes without leaving SmartTrader.

There are 5 trading rooms available on SmartTrader at the moment.


Fibs and Formations Trading Room (Previously Chief's Trading Room)

A weekly Trading Room with a focus on the mental side of trading. Features deep dives into all 28 major pairs (Monthly, Weekly, Daily, 4-Hour Time Frames for each Pair) highlighting Hot Pairs to watch and moves to make during the Sunday Market Open (as opposed to early Monday or later in the week).


Money Flow Trading Room (Previously Tyson's Trading Room)

Put our pro's Money Flow strategies to work for your bottom line! By applying this method to a filtering process, this real-time session will help you build a narrow focus on the top three currencies to trade and what direction to trade them in. Look over the pros' shoulder and gain the skills you need so you could grow your portfolio the way you see fit.


FLEX Trading Room

Take part in this real-time market analysis so you can trade like a pro. Bring any strategy or idea to the Flex Trading Room and you'll be able to work with expert feedback -- for profit-seekers no matter what is going on in the market. You'll get a breakdown of multiple markets as well as commentary on the forces that influence them ... such as the geopolitical landscape, fundamental announcements, and more ... only the most relevant information, to keep things simple.


Hybrid Trading Room (Previously Learning and Trading Room)

See how to keep your trading approach in tune with market conditions, no matter what's happening. When the market starts to change its movements, the Hybrid Trading Room will show you how your strategy could "gear up" or "gear down" based on your goals and the markets' waves. Use multiple strategies separately or together as conditions (and your own goals) dictate.


Ignite Trading Room (Previously SmartTrader Best Practices)

The trading room you can learn the best practices to use with SmartTrader, get to know the platform closer, and utilize all of its tools to place your perfect trade. The Ignite Trading Room is available for free.


How Do I Subscribe to a Trading Room?

Subscription-based trading rooms can be purchased in the SmartTrader Marketplace. Just select "Trading Rooms" in the left side panel to see all available trading rooms.

How Do I View the Trading Room Calendar?

  1. Visit SmartTrader and access the trading rooms. See help here.
  2. Click Check the Trading Room Schedule.
  3. Click the "Add" button.

You will now be able to view the Trading Room Schedule on your Google Calendar.


How Do I Join the SmartTrader Trading Rooms?

  1. Visit and log in.
  2. Click Charts to access your charts.
  3. Click on the Trading Room icon in the right corner of your charts next to the cloud autosave icon.
  4. If prompted, click "Enter".
  5. Choose your room by clicking on the "Select Rooms" button in the top right corner.




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