SmartTrader: Market Watch Widget

The Market Watch is a quick reference tool that is often used to watch price action for the different selected market instruments.

The Market Watch is completely customizable allowing you to select which instruments you would like to have displayed in its list and also gives you the ability to create multiple list.

How to Create a Market Watch

Market Watch gives you an ‘At a Glance’ view of market activity for your favorite Symbols. Market Watch can be set up using the Action Menu, located on the top right corner of SmartTrader

  • Click on the “User Menu” button from the Action Menu
  • Select the “Trading” icon
  • Select “Market Watch”
  • Click the Market Watch On/Off Switch to turn on Market Watch
  • Click “Add” to create a Market Watch
  • Enter the desired name for your Market Watch. This is simply for your reference
  • Now let’s add Symbols to your Market Watch. Select “Close”
  • Select the “Expand” button on the right side Trading pane
  • On your Market Watch, enter a Symbol name to search for it.
  • Select your Symbol

Your Symbol has now been added to your Market Watch. Here, you can view the Rate, % Change, and Rate Change for the added Symbols

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