SmartTrader: Smart Gauge

Smart Gauge is a tool that helps to give a clear and simple way to identify the positions of several indicators at once to make better trading decisions

Smart Gauge is accessible as a widget on a widget panel

How to add the Smart Gauge to the chart?

In the Smart Gauge right panel widget, there is an option to “Add to Chart”. This feature gives the user the ability to apply the Gauge a single click to the selected chart. 

  • The gauge will appear on the selected chart in a position that will not interrupt the information of a smartscript or an indicator.

Ability to add and edit indicators

With the Smart Gauge you  have the ability to add and customize indicators:

  • In the top right above the indicators there is an option to add an indicator. 
  • Each indicator when selecting "edit" provides an individualized modal with the defined settings 
  • The modal offers Timeframe options (by default it  set to Chart)
  • Series
  • Buy Condition, Tool of Measure and Value
  • Sell Condition, Tool of Measure and Value


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