SmartTrader: Smart Wave

Accessing the Smart Wave Tool is a relatively easy process involving 7 Steps. 


*You will need SmartTrader open to complete these steps.

  1. Access the Charts Section of SmartTrader and Open a New Chart.
  2. Pick any currency pair of choice. Our example will be the AUD/USD.
  3. In the "Select Time Scale" panel, left click "4-Hour."

  1. On the top of the chart you will see the Smart Tools Icon (Eighth from the left). This will open Smart Tool Selection Pane.
  2. Left-Click on Smart Wave (second icon).

  1. You will then be able to select the starting point for the Smart Wave to be placed. Select the Highest High or Lowest Low on the Chart.

  1. Left-Click to apply the Smart Wave to the Chart.
  2. Congratulations! The Smart Wave Tool is now on Your Chart.

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