UCS: Auto Trading System

If your course includes an Auto-Trading System, follow the instructions below to apply it to a chart. Visit the Online University and view the systems page. This page will provide the correct parameters to set up your chart with the currency pair, time frame, and bars of memory.

Applying the system:

  1. Visit the Download Store to download your system.
  2. Create your chart using the parameters you found in the Online University.
    • Parameters:
      • Compatible currency pairs
      • Chart timeframe
      • Correct bars of memory
  3. With the chart open and configured with the correct parameters, right click on the chart and select “Auto Trading System” from the menu or click on the “Auto Trading System” button on the Left-hand ToolBar.  
  4. In the “ATS Deploy” Window:
  5. Select your system from the list of available systems.
  6. Place a checkmark in “Show Historical Trades” if you want to see them. 
  7. Select Visual, Manual, or Auto from the “Type” drop-down box. If your only option in “Visual”, please connect to your broker for more options.
  8. To trigger emails when trades are placed, place a checkmark in the "Send Email" checkbox.  It will not send an email when a signal is generated, only when a trade is placed or closed**
  9. Select your email address.
  10. Select your alarm conditions.
  11. Click “Run” to start the system. 

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