UCS common errors

  • Login Error:  Please check your ID and Password.
  • Resolution:  Ensure your email address is correct and without typos.  
    • Retype your password. 
    • If that does not resolve the issues, please click the “Forgot Password?” link on the login window.


  • Login Error:  Forex data feed is not available for current user.
  • Resolution:  Your subscription has expired.  Please reach out to your coach to renew your subscription.

  • Error:  Logging into Ultimate Charting failed due to a timeout error.
  • Resolution:  This is caused then UCS in unable to “phone home”.  This is normally due to a network or firewall issue.


  • Error when resetting password:  Password was not restored.  Reason: Can’t sent email.
  • Resolution: Incorrect username for the password reset email.
    • Please verify the email address used is the email address associated with your account or used for your purchase and ensure there are no typos. Correct if necessary.


  • Error:  Your session has been terminated due to multiple sessions using your credentials.
  • Resolution: This error is caused by multiple logins, a temporary loss of internet connection, or a termination of your session.
    • Please reboot your PC and try to log in again. Check other computers to ensure your two sessions are not exceeded.

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