UCS: Tutorials

The following links will direct you to the tutorial videos, the manual, and additional resources to cover the different features and functions of UCS.

UCS Tutorials:

Preset Workspaces

Finding Direction

Finding Entry

Protecting Your Capital

Trading from UCS


MTI SmartTools

Custom Indicators

Alerts on Indicators

Setting Other Alerts

Default Templates

Automated Trading Systems

Viewing Your Account Info

Placing Entry Orders

Trading with an OCO

Trading with a Basket Order

Closing a Position with Alert

Saving to the Cloud

Keyboard Shortcuts

Staying Organized

Additional Resources AOD

Video Archives:

Click Here to Access UCS Best Practices Video Archive

Click Here to Access the UCS Tutorials YouTube Channel

Live Best Practices Webinars:

To attend a live Charting Best Practices session, please visit AOD in the Online University.

UCS Charting Manual:

UCS Charting Manual 

Additional Help:

View all of our UCS Help Articles Here

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