What can I do with my SmartTrader Demo account

Every Registered User is provided a SmartTrader Demo after completion of registration.

This account will be automatically connected and available to paper trade from smarttrader.com/charts

Details of account capabilities.

  • The SmartTrader Demo Account is for paper trading on the Forex market.
  • This account is automatically set as the default trading account unless changed to a different account by you.
  • The SmartTrader Demo account cannot be removed or disabled.
  • The SmartTrader Demo account starts with a total of $100,000.00
  • The Leverage to the SmartTrader demo account is set to 200:1
  • This Account permits Hedging
  • This account does not abide by FIFO rules.
  • Trade actions reflect that of a standard MetaTrader 4 account.

A SmartTrader demo account with a balance of zero can be replenished by submitting a request to cs@markettraders.com 

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