Will UCS work on Mac

As a Mac user, you will need to complete a few steps in order to get the Ultimate Charting Software installed on your computer. A more proficient way to use MTI charting on a Mac is to utilize our Smart Trader Application.

Note:* Smart Trader is our Leading Cloud-Based Charting and Trading Technology application.

Option 1
The optimal choice for running Windows on a Mac is using Bootcamp, which requires you to reboot your computer in order to toggle between the Windows and Mac OS. This allows the Windows OS to utilize 100% of the Computers available resources.
Please, refer to the Apple Support on how to use Bootcamp:

Option 2
Second option is to install Windows using a Virtualization Software (e.g. Parallels). This allows for Windows and Mac to run concurrently, distributing the computers resources between them. (This may result in diminished performance of either or both OS’s).

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