Smart Workspace Configuration

In this article we will cover the most effective way to manage your workspaces. Your browser has limitations on the amount of computer resources it is able to use per browser tab. Overtaxing the system will produce undesired results including but not limited to: slowness, loss of work, autosave to time out, etc. See below for more information on effective workspace management.

The two types of workspaces we need and how to utilize them:

Manual trading

  • one is needed per strategy for simplicity 
  • these workspaces can be closed and opened as needed
  • set your workspace up with your preferred timeframe for each chart
  • add additional charts for additional timeframes
  • once you have your timeframes in the correct location, there is no need to ever change the timeframe
  • when you have finished your analysis on the current pair, simply change the pair in the top menu
    • keep changing currency pairs to complete your analysis, but go not change the timeframe
    • as you cycle through the pairs, your drawings will be saved for each pair 

AutoTrading Scripts

  • one is needed per strategy for simplicity 
  • the workspace running the SmartScript must remain open at all times to function properly
  • set your workspace up with the recommended timeframe for each chart and pair


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